What is GeoQuest ?

GeoQuest is a GPS and Internet based game that is played outdoors in a physical world. The goal of the game is to find all of the hidden treasures and solve all quests in a real world by using your mobile device (smartphones, tablets and similar devices that have Internet connection and GPS receiver).

Gameplay description

In order to play GeoQuest, you need to:

  1. Either be a game master (create entire game story, hide virtual treasures, create quests)
  2. Or join an already created game (be a player, not a game master)

1. Create a GeoQuest game for others (you are a game master)

  1. If you want to create a GeoQuest game, you will first need to register your account. It is quickly done via our register a new GeoQuest account form. If you have an account, simply Log In.
  2. Once logged in, you will appear in your dashboard. Click on a “Create a new game” button and you will be taken to a game creator’s page. In the mentioned page you will have different tools to create game.
  3. Choose game map’s appearance options.
  4. Draw a game area (mandatory). This is a total area where your game is going to take place. It will be shown to all players, so that they do not wander too far out (or get lost).
  5. Hide a treasure on a map. Once you have a game area drawn, you can start hiding numerous treasures in it. By using this tool, you should draw smaller areas in a game area. Game players will be looking for these areas with their mobile devices. The borders of these areas will be shown to players ONLY AFTER they have found the treasure.
  6. Add a quest. Once you have “hidden” all treasures, you can add quest to each treasure. This means that if a player finds treasure, he/she still has to solve a quest in order to get points. For more information on how to add a quest into treasure area, click here.
  7. Save game.
  8. Great – now you have created a game. You can now go to your dashboard and select if a game is public (anyone in the world can play it), or private (only those who know a password will be let it).
  9. If you are organizing a private game for a group of people – make sure they test their devices before starting to play a game. Testing if a device is correctly set-up for a GeoQuest game can be easily done by clicking here.

For full reference on game creation tools and suggestions to a game master, click here.

2. Join an existing GeoQuest game (you are a player)

  1. If you want to join an existing GeoQuest game, you will first need to register your account. It is quickly done via our register a new GeoQuest account form. If you have an account already, simply Log In. IMPORTANT: it is possible to play a private GeoQuest game without a registered account, however, we strongly recommend to register as otherwise you might lose your game progress (if your mobile device runs out of power).
  2. Once logged into your account, you will appear in your dashboard, click a „Join a game” button. You will be taken to a page where you will see all of the publicly available games. Click on one of the public games and you will be taken to it!
  3. If your game master has informed you that you will play a private game, please ask your game master for a GeoQuest game ID and game password. You should enter these details in the same „Join an existing game” page described above.
  4. If it is your first time playing this game, we strongly advise you to test if your mobile device is compatible with GeoQuest game. There are a few settings than may need to be adjusted in order to allow you to play this game. Testing is easy, just click here.
  5. Once you are in a game, look at your mobile device and walk in real world – search for treasures that were hidden by a game master. You might be given a quest when you find a treasure – it depends how the game master created the game. You may as well need to specify an answer to a quest once you find a treasure. If you see an „answer box” on your screen, it means you must specify an answer from your mobile device. All of the treasures are hidden in the highlighted area – do not wander outside it and be careful in a real world – always look around for moving cars, bycicles and other dangers!

Good luck!

If you have additional questions, feel free to check the resouces below: